An Aftermarket Parts Kit Addresses Two Problems Common to 6.0 Liter Ford Power Stroke Engines

Some trucks are simply more reliable than others. Because of design problems and other issues, even truck models that receive rave reviews at release sometimes end up becoming problematic.

Many owners of trucks equipped with 6.0 liter Ford Power Stroke engines, for example, have discovered that design’s various shortcomings. Parts maker bulletproof diesel decided to address all of these issues at once with a package of upgraded components, and the response has been extremely positive.

One Kit to Address All the Best Known 6.0 Liter Power Stroke Problems

Ford introduced the 6.0 liter version of the Power Stroke diesel engine as a replacement for a larger predecessor that had fallen somewhat behind the times. As a concerted effort at modernizing the Power Stroke line, the 6.0 liter engine initially impressed many with its performance figures and improved efficiency.

Unfortunately, it soon became clear that Ford’s engineers had also overlooked some important issues. The Fully Bulletproof Diesel Package designed specifically for the 6.0 liter Power Stroke is to designed to resolve all of these problems at once. In particular, owners who install it can expect to experience less trouble from threats like:

Oil filter clogging. The stock version of the 6.0 liter Power Stroke situates the engine’s oil cooler such that it is subjected to a great deal of heat. The bulletproof 6.0 kit includes a number of parts that are used to relocate the oil filter to a much more suitable location. Instead of oil overheating as it passes through the filter and potentially gumming things up, the lubricant tends to be remain cooler and more fluid. That alone can make a major difference with regard to the reliability of the engine.

Exhaust gas recycling. One of the emissions related improvements that motivated the introduction of the 6.0 liter Power Stroke was a more effective exhaust gas recycling system. While recirculating exhaust gases back through the engine for another round of combustion helps clean them up, it can impact performance and reliability. The upgraded cooler that comes with this kit helps minimize the likelihood of related problems.

A Great Buy for Many Ford Truck Owners

With so many trucks now on the roads being powered by the 6.0 liter Power Stroke, the popularity of this kit should not be difficult to understand. Installing all the parts included should be enough to make just about any Ford truck with a 6.0 liter Power Stroke into a significantly more reliable vehicle.